In the Philippines chaos prevails after the typhoon, many people are desperate.

Photo: Effelberger Photography

Michael Effelberger w Motorcycle club outsider

Harter was a one-week round trip a year ago in the Philippines. In the process, she met many people who now belong to the Typhoon victims. This fate of the newly won friends and acquaintances of course met the young Schenkenzellerin, of course.

Michael Effelberger w Motorcycle club outsider

Marlene and Michael Effelberger, a friend of Julia Harter, live in the Philippines but were fortunately not affected. In recent weeks, however, the couple have drummed a helper team to provide the population with food and medical care.

Michael Effelberger Motorcycle club outsider

"Michael has been in the Philippines for over 30 years," explained Harter. He traveled with his parents to the islands, then stayed there without them, and three years later he met his wife Marlene. Both have a son; They live on Mactan Island in Lapu-Lapu City (near Cebu).


The Effelberger's run a restaurant and a pension, (Hotel Garden Inn and MB's Tavern Restaurant) which they have built themselves, and are active in a motorcycle club.

motorcycle club helps typhoon victim news

With the help of the local members and some of their employees, you started a relief operation in the north of Cebu. "They support the people as long as they get donations - but eventually they have to work again," explained Harter.

motorcycle club helps typhoon victim news

A refugee village is to give the typhoon victims a home on time

The plan envisages setting up a village. There, women, men and children from the destroyed regions are to be accommodated, while the reconstruction works in their homes. Harter assured that the donated money would only be used for the purpose of the aid. Since the action is exclusively private, no donation certificates can be issued.

For further information, contact Julia Harter at juliaharter at gmx.de Shake cell

Michael Effelberger with Marlene Effelberger

Hardworking couple effelberger - Michael and Marlene

Michael Effelberger talking with cebu bikers

Michael Effelberger talking with cebu bikers. The latest news ....


Michael Effelberger with his wife Marlene Effelberger

Hotel owner Michael Effelberger with his wife Marlene Effelberger in Mactan Cebu discussing the latest news.


Michael Effelberger with his wife Marlene Effelberger

Michael Effelberger with his wife Marlene Effelberger on a charity manifestation

From Cebu Mactan to Malapascua with building blocks to new houses as well as the basic necessities. Food and medicine to the vicims of the typhoon. By Boat truck motorcycle and cars. Night and day. The Mactan Cebu Hotel MB's Garden Inn became a base for some of the distribution of helping aids.


House and the building blocks to new apartments


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the Outsiders president Michael Effelberger

Michael Effelberger

Michael Effelberger


Here on a tour on motorcycle in the motorcycle club enviroment of outsider MC.


on this map we can all follow from MB's Tavern at basak Kagudoy and the motorcycle rental services there to MB's garden inn both establishment owned by Michael Effelberger. From the map its also easy to follow and find the way to Outsider MC Clubhouse in outsider drive in basak Mactan.

Michael Effelberger

Michael Effelberger at his 50 ths birthday - still a hardworking man - in the restaurant and MB's Hotel Garden Inn.

European delishop, Tavern, Restaurant hotel and .. thanks to Mactan Cebu Hotels


Marlene Effelberger

Michael is married to fitness princess of Mactan miss Marlene Effelberger. She loves her Glock and is beside fitness princess also a price winning precision lady with firearms.

Palm hotel in mactan

Palm hotel in mactan a long time ago, the start of what later become MB's Garden inn Hotel. By Michael Effelberger.


Back in the days the first internet pages was about bakery, pizza and even a hotel, The Palm Hotel

Come stay at MB's Palm Hotel. Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines. Just 5 minutes by motorbike from the beach. Newly built. Triple insulated and air-conditioned for maximum comfort.


Color Cable TV.  Modern tile bathrooms. Comfortable double beds. With internet service too. The best value on Mactan Island for only500 pesos a day!  Free air conditioned shuttle service to and from Mactan International Airport. 


Reserve your room now. Email Mike Effelberger at Mike at MBsTavern  com And there's always something delicious to eat at MB's Tavern.Enjoy yourself at the best little hotel in Mactan. Explore Mactan! Rent a motorbike at MB's!


XRM Motorcycle

MB's Tavern &MB's Rents Motorbikes

MB's Garden inn hotel

the former Palm Hotel is now of cause MB's Garden inn hotel


MB's Garden inn hotel

Michael Effelberger

Michael Effelberger with his dear wife Marlene Effelberger in Berlin.

Michael Effelberger

To the right Michael Effelberger

Michael effelberger


RIght in Michael effelberger

  Michael effelberger

Michael Effelberger

Here at outsiders clubhouse and the restaurant bar of MB's Garden in the central visayas. Mactan Island Cebu

Michael Effelberger

Here the cebu bikers news on Mactan Island covering the Hotel booking websites

Michael Effelberger

Mactan island in the basak area of cebu Philippines.

Michael Effelberger

One late night at the MB's tavern to celebrate new items in the MB's European Delicatessens shop

Michael Effelberger started as with baking bread in the Mactan Island - then expanding it a little bit with tavern and affordable accommodation as a private Bed and Breakfast pension House,  by time after time gradually the tavern transformed to a restaurant and the pension houses rooms became Hotel Rooms.

Michael Effelberger

Michael Effelberger now to the Left, to the right the lovely Marlene Effelberger


Michael Effelberger

[Hotel Mactan Cebu] Rooms booking cheap room

Hotels Mactan Cebu

Hotels Rooms and Restaurants in Mactan Philippines



Michael Effelberger Michael Effelberger Michael Effelberger


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michael effelberger

accommodation rooms reasonable family rooms


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